High School Piano Class

In my High School Student Teaching Placement at Cass Technical High School, I created a multi-week lesson unit on chord progressions and following “lead sheets,” that finished with a performance project. Students had to play a song of their choice from a lead sheet, performing with their own rhythmic “comp,” backing track or beat, andContinue reading “High School Piano Class”

Student Teaching at Pembroke Elementary School

In my seven weeks at Pembroke Elementary School, I worked with 300 kindergarten through fifth grade students, as well as teaching music to 4 self-contained classrooms of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) students. Teaching in a four-day rotation schedule, classes received one fifty-minute music class in each rotation. I received Orff, Kodaly, and Gordon pedagogy trainingContinue reading “Student Teaching at Pembroke Elementary School”

High School Choir Teaching

In my High School Student Teaching Placement at Cass Technical High School in Downtown Detroit, I was able to teach a program and teach a piece to the school’s treble voice ensemble. I selected Craig Hella Johnson’s setting of Emily Dickinson’s poem, “Will There Really Be a Morning?” (2006) because of it’s simple instrumentation andContinue reading “High School Choir Teaching”

My Teaching Philosophy

A teacher must, above all, be a champion of their students by understanding them as being people first, and learners second. Recognizing that all students in a classroom come from their own unique cultures, backgrounds, and family lives puts their experiences on par with the my own, creating a shared classroom culture where all areContinue reading “My Teaching Philosophy”